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My name is Christopher Pearce, perhaps better known as CapnRex101 throughout the online Lego community. I am based in the UK and recently decided that I would embark on a somewhat ambitious project, that being to create my own MOC of Arkham Asylum.

On this blog I will document my progress surrounding the MOC, from initial designs to build pictures right through to the finished article, as well as giving some of my views on more general Lego news and sets.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Arkham Asylum - Proposed Layout...

Following the result of the recent poll to decide which of my four initial concepts was the best, I have drawn up a quick plan of how I might organise the asylum on Arkham Island. Keep in mind that this will almost certainly change and is simply a vague idea of how the buildings might fit together, so there are plenty of adjustments yet to me made.

Arkham Asylum Layout Concept

I have not included much detail on this particular image as it is just an idea, not a final layout design. If anybody has any suggestions of how to improve it or what more to include, do not hesitate to comment. I have not included the majority of the bridge, nor the small section of Gotham City which I might place at the other end of the bridge in this sketch.

In my next post I will go through some of the features which will almost definitely be included in the final model I create.

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