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Welcome to The Lego Madhouse,

My name is Christopher Pearce, perhaps better known as CapnRex101 throughout the online Lego community. I am based in the UK and recently decided that I would embark on a somewhat ambitious project, that being to create my own MOC of Arkham Asylum.

On this blog I will document my progress surrounding the MOC, from initial designs to build pictures right through to the finished article, as well as giving some of my views on more general Lego news and sets.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Arkham Asylum - Modular Modelling...

After some consideration, I have made a couple of decisions on how I will go about building my Arkham Asylum MOC. It seems to me that in many large MOCs, detail is sacrificed in place of size, but I hope to avoid this in my model, keeping every tiny section of the asylum as detailed as possible. Hopefully this extra effort will pay off in the end with an impressive model.

I am of the opinion that the best way to do this is by constructing my MOC in modular sections which, much like the Lego Modular Buildings sets, will fit together using Technic pins as shown below. That is not the only advantage however, building in stages will also allow me to easily transport the model, which I hope will be displayed at one of the Lego Shows in the UK at some point in 2014. Last of all, building in this manner will mean that I can easily blog my progress once the building process has begun.

The first area I have planned out in detail is the area of the island in front of the asylum's main entrance, for which I will be making my first Bricklink orders over the next week or two. That plan however still needs some further touches in my opinion, so I will complete it, and then display that in my next post which should be expected in the next day or two.


  1. It's not obvious that you need to have connecting pins if you're building a MOC. You probably just need something that keeps the various parts lined up. I have found connector pins to be a bit of a pain to reconnect at times - you need to be properly aligned. It can be worse if you're working on a grid instead of end to end like the modulars.

    I've therefore taken to using a different connection method, which worked well in my recent MOC. The person who passed it on to me said it it came from Jamie Berard himself.

    The basic idea is that you leave technic axles sticking out, and then have holes in the other half to take the axles. You use axles with studs on, so that they don't come out.

    Here is an image, although I'm not sure how clear it will be:

    1. Great idea, the Technic pins can create connections which are almost too strong, and as you said the connectors must be perfectly aligned. Using Technic axles instead would negate that issue and make separation much easier, so many thanks for the suggestion, I will see what I can do to incorporate it.