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My name is Christopher Pearce, perhaps better known as CapnRex101 throughout the online Lego community. I am based in the UK and recently decided that I would embark on a somewhat ambitious project, that being to create my own MOC of Arkham Asylum.

On this blog I will document my progress surrounding the MOC, from initial designs to build pictures right through to the finished article, as well as giving some of my views on more general Lego news and sets.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Arkham Asylum - Initial Concepts Part One...

When making larger MOCs, it always seems advantageous to me to plan before you begin building to avoid underestimating or overestimating the difficulty or volume of parts required. Therefore, once I had pinned down what I wanted to make, naturally I moved on to creating some initial designs on paper. Here I will display some of the earliest concept artwork which I created.

The first of these is perhaps the most realistic of my designs, based very much on photos and paintings of Victorian hospitals and asylums. It would doubtless be the simplest to make, as the shapes which form the building itself are particularly regular. However, I felt that this idea was perhaps a little too simplistic, and would perhaps look somewhat bland, not doing justice to the building. Nevertheless, there are certain elements of this design which I hope to bring forward to the next stage of the design process, including the Satellite Batcave and quite possibly the small area of Gotham City itself where I might place some kind of Police barricade. This image is displayed below:

Arkham Asylum - Hospital Inspired Concept

In my next couple of posts I will continue to reveal some more of my initial design ideas, so stay tuned for those over the next few days...

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