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My name is Christopher Pearce, perhaps better known as CapnRex101 throughout the online Lego community. I am based in the UK and recently decided that I would embark on a somewhat ambitious project, that being to create my own MOC of Arkham Asylum.

On this blog I will document my progress surrounding the MOC, from initial designs to build pictures right through to the finished article, as well as giving some of my views on more general Lego news and sets.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Arkham Asylum - The Beginning...


Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Christopher Pearce, but perhaps I am better known as CapnRex101 on such fantastic Lego fan sites as Brickset. I am seventeen years old and have been a huge fan of Lego since I was first old enough to smash Duplo bricks together. This is my first post on this blog or any other, so here goes...

In the months leading up to Christmas and New Year I decided that rather than simply building and enjoying sets produced by Lego as I have for many years, it would be nice to truly embrace the spirit of Lego and construct my own models. The next question of course was what to build? As a huge Star Wars fan, a Star Wars MOC seemed like the obvious choice, but many of the vehicles and locations are a bit bland for my liking when translated into Lego and I thought for my first large MOC, a really interesting and eye-catching model was what was required, so that idea was quickly dismissed.

At that point, two very clear options came to mind, either the legendary Batcave, or the equally famous Arkham Asylum. After some research I found that there have been numerous incredible Batcave MOCs which have been produced, including this amazing model. However, despite being such a spectacular building, I found no really definitive model of Arkham Asylum anywhere, and while many of the existing MOCs had their own charms, particularly this one, which, despite its small size, in my opinion really captures the (naturally) insane atmosphere of the place, I did not think any of them combined all of the elements which go towards making Arkham Asylum a truly fascinating building.

The fact that no one incarnation of the asylum exists, and its style and appearance changes between the comics, TV shows, films and video games, allowed me a great deal of freedom on what I made. Rather than simply recreating a location from a film or TV, I could really put my own stamp on the building as I imagine it to be.

So with that, the decision was made, and I began the design phase of creating the enormous MOC which had been bouncing around in my head for so many months. Over the next few days I will post some of my initial plans for Arkham Asylum, and further discuss the various versions which have inspired me.

Thanks for reading!

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